The Tao of Cartography

breadcrumbs, detail rust (from steel) on Rives Heavyweight 2008

Art is like a mirror. Always working, always reflecting; but only coming to life when one stands in front of it.

If the tone of my new blog is different than expected, I am already successful. This time it's not meant to be about reporting or instigating (well perhaps a little instigation is inevitable. stay tuned!). It's meant to be a recording. A map.

My writing is acting as a mirror. Jotted down thoughts reflect my process. Every time I sew a stitch, draw a cell, roll wet paper over a rusted plate, I'm recording a moment. I'm pulling lat and long together in a map. My process is (at the moment) all encompassing and inescapable.

"...creating a map means ignoring everything in the world but one thing...that one thing could be a map of bus routes or air traffic control patterns, the homes of Hollywood stars, or it could be the cracks in the sidewalk. Maps have meaning because they filter out all the chaos in the world and focus obsessively on one item..."

Ira Glass , This American Life


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